Phosphodiesterases and subcellular compartmentalized cAMP signaling in the cardiovascular system

Alessandra Stangherlin, Manuela Zaccolo


Phosphodiesterases are key enzymes in the cAMP signaling cascade. They convert cAMP in its inactive form 5′-AMP and critically regulate the intensity and the duration of cAMP-mediated signals. Multiple isoforms exist that possess different intracellular distributions, different affinities for cAMP, and different catalytic and regulatory properties. This complex repertoire of enzymes provides a multiplicity of ways to modulate cAMP levels, to integrate more signaling pathways, and to respond to the specific needs of the cell within distinct subcellular domains. In this review we summarize key findings on phosphodiesterase compartmentalization in the cardiovascular system.

  • adenosine 3′,5′-cyclic monophosphate
  • compartmentalization
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