Table 1.

Retinal oxygen consumption and oxygen gradients in the vascular area and visual streak

Vascular Area (n = 10) Visual Streak (n = 10)
Qor, nl O2·min-1·cm-2 210±23 284±20
Qir, nl O2·min-1·cm-2 146±12 57±4.3
Oxygen flux from the choroidal side, nl O2·min-1·cm-2 239±20 341±18
Oxygen flux from the vitreal side, nl O2·min-1·cm-2 117±12 0±1.0
Total of measured Q supplied from the choroid, % 67±2.0% 100±0.3%
Pc, mmHg 59.2±4.6 72.7±4.1
Pv, mmHg 39.3±5.5 9.5±2.3
  • Values are means ± SE. Qor and Qir, total oxygen consumption (Q) in the outer and inner retina, respectively; Pc, oxygen level at the choroidal boundary with the retina; Pv, oxygen level at the vitreal boundary.