Table 2.

Averaged root mean squared error

All DataLinearCurvilinear
n, no. of beats31023080
Monoexponential (τ)
    RMSE P vs. t, mmHg0.36±0.210.28±0.130.57±0.25
    RMSE dP/dt vs. t, mmHg/s35±1830±1353±19
Logistic (τL)
    RMSE P vs. t, mmHg0.35±0.190.41±180.18±0.09
    RMSE dP/dt vs. t, mmHg/s65±30*75±2735±16
Model (μ and Ek)
    RMSE P vs. t, mmHg0.23±0.100.24±0.110.19±0.09
    RMSE dP/dt vs. t, mmHg/s29±1230±1227±13
  • Data are means ± SD of root mean squared error (RMSE) vs. actual data in the P vs. t or dP/dt vs. t plane. RMSE was consistent only in model fits, indicating poor fit of empirical models is likely high due to the large number of linear PPP beats.