Table 1.

Clinical descriptors and relative percentage change in volume of the subjects

Gender, men/women17/14
Age, yr52±13
Heart rate, beats/min68±9
LV ejection fraction, %72±9
LVEDV, ml109±29
LVEDP, mmHg17±4
Isovolumic relaxation time constant, ms57±12
Change in LVEDV relative to maximum LVEDV, %−31±16
Change in LVEDV, ml−40±30
Change in diastatic volume relative to maximum diastatic volume, %−40±21
Change in diastatic volume, ml−40±30
  • Data are presented as means ± SD. The left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction (LVEF) was determined by ventriculography. LVEDV, ventriculographic LV end-diastolic volume; LVEDP, LV end-diastolic pressure.